Monday, October 22, 2007

Pictures are worth a 1000 words!

Please take a moment and visit the photo gallery from the field experience. The link is located to the right hand side of the blog under the link to the Rachel Carson Centennial Blog.

These photos were taken by various faculty participating in the program and represent various views and vantage points of students in action and other vignettes of inspiration encountered on the trip.

Although these represent a subset of the total number of photographs taken - their selection was based only on representative coverage of activities over the 4.5 day program. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to hear from all blog participants as to what questions, ideas, thoughts, insights these photographs bring to mind for you.

As we also had numerous contributors during the field experience (to whom we owe a great thanks), we particularly encourage all of you to comment here as well.


ldaniels said...

The pictures were great! Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Jason said...

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Fall Break Trip because of work obligations, but after seeing the pictures, I realized how much I missed out. Aside from all the fun stories I heard, just from the pictures it is easy to see where Carson's inspiration comes from. The sea is both beautiful and mysterious. We should all take Carson's lead and use our imagination to try to unfold what the sea holds.
The cleaning efforts were a sobering reminder of how right Carson was and my only hope is that her enduring message is finally heeded.

jameson said...
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jameson said...

Wow, the pictures taken from the trip were outstanding and the slideshow was put together well! They did a great job portraying our participation in the program, all the different things we encountered and the unity we had as a group. I especially liked seeing the pictures of the oyster boat trip because unfortunately I didn’t get to experience this firsthand. I also liked the pictures taken at the Baltimore Aquarium mainly because I forgot what many of the boards above the exhibits said. The one picture of the ocean was so good I changed the background on my computer to it. If Rachel Carson were still her today, I think she would be overjoyed to see the pictures of us cleaning the marsh and the lighthouse. Fortunately for me all of the pictures have one thing in common; they all brought back great memories of an unforgettable trip.

Vinny R. said...

It was hard to explain to my parents and family exactly what we did on this trip. This blog post helped point me in the right direction to show them all the different things I learned on this trip.

Before I saw this link I don’t think they really had a good appreciation for all the different things I encountered in that weekend. I know that when they saw these pictures they began to understand all the different aspects of what we were learning about on this trip, I could just tell through their reactions.

I know my favorite pictures to show them were the pictures of the salt marsh clean up. Before I showed them these pictures I just felt like they had no idea of how much we actually did. Well this weekend while I was explaining how many bags there actually were, I had the opportunity to show them the actual extent of the work that was done, and they were shocked.

I hope, if anything, I was able to show them how every little thing we do on this planet matters in the long run. Hopefully my experiences on the bay will carry to other people that don’t get to experience this sort of devastation, and maybe change the way they practice living their lives.

dankidy_dank said...

I have to admit I also had a difficult time explaining to my parents the purpose of this trip. I took only several pictures of the trip because of the fact that I had only brought one disposable camera. After showing them the gallery of our trip, they were stunned. They couldn’t believe of all the activities we had done for the cost of the trip. They also couldn’t believe how much knowledge I learned. I found myself at time rambling on about the trip and sometimes caught them drifting off. I was very pleased with myself when they saw our whole group in front off the enormous pile of garbage that we had collect out on the marshes. My parents thought we had spent the whole day out in the marshes when in reality it was only for about two to three hours. They were also pleased with our class doing many other activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, bird watching, and others. This was a side of my they haven’t seen before. Having these galleries and blogs showed them that we are very dedicated people to our approach in preserving the environment. This site was a great idea to show people how efforts like ours can make a difference in our environment and hopefully encourages them to do the same.