Monday, November 26, 2007

A relaxing breeze sweeps
Across the calm flat surface
of the sea
reflected deep azure,
the waves start to roll and tumble
in the sea
crash, crash, crash
waves smash on high rocky cliffs
beside the sea
the sky darkens
huge, fluffy grey candyfloss gathers
above the sea
wind roars, thunder cracks
water crashes down like waterfall
sat the sea
schools of small fish panic, fear grips
they're being tossed around
through the sea
and eternity passes, clouds part
the sun shines down, heavens rays
onto the sea
tranquility is restored
gulls squawk happily
near the sea
Rhythmic pattern of tides
a vast expanse of blue water, remember
the sea.

This is a poem was written by a friend of mine. It reminds me of the circle of life with in nature. As always there is the calm of life, then there is the destruction of nature. Its wild, free, and untamable. Nature takes its course and come full circle again to a calm and beautiful setting.

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