Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Sea Around Us

I had heard the name Rachel Carson used before, but I had never taken the time to understand who she was. When I started reading "Courage for the Earth", the essays that were in the book helped me to realize what it was that Rachel Carson stood for and how her legacy remains today.

When I first opened "The Sea Around Us" I was afraid that it would be like any other required reading for a class and I would not enjoy it, but I was mistaken. The way that Rachel Carson wrote about the environment with such passion helped me to really enjoy every page.

I especially loved reading the chapters about the ocean and how it works. My family and I spend the summers at the beach, there is no other place in the world I would rather be. Reading about the ocean with both the beauty and the strength that Carson writes of it with captured my attention. I've always known what the ocean has meant to me, but reading about what it means for our planet and all of our lives was so interesting to me.

As a math major, I had never thought about all of these environmental problems in our world today, and didn't think that there was much that I could do to fix them. After reading more about things that I love and learning more about how I can help out, I know that I will try to spread the knowledge that I have acquired from Rachel Carson with others.

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s. thompson said...

As a math major as well, I felt that with my major I had very little connection to the environmental and scientific aspects of The Sea Around Us, however, I found myself really enjoying learning more about the ocean and the way it impacts the world we live in. My favorite chapter was "Wind and Water" because of the explanation it gave on how waves are formed and the strength they carry. I was very interested in the anecdote about Thomas Stevenson and his experience with the mighty strength waves contain.

When beginning The Sea Around Us, I was worried about having difficulty understanding the writing, due to the scientific aspects of the book. To my surprise, Carson's writing lends itself to be read by a large audience, not just to those who are familiar with science jargon. I learned so much from this book and I feel that in going on the Alternative Fall Break trip in connection with this book, has helped me grow as a person and strengthen my relationship with the environment.