Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photos of Smith Island, MD

To see pics from our trip to Smith Island, visit my Flickr account here.  I feel that the set of pictures showing the piles of trash demonstrate how we need to take a stand to protect our environment.  It's upsetting how a place so in-tune with nature and the sea around them could neglect their surroundings and the earth.

'Ewell' love Smith Island!

During our Fall Break trip, some of us got the opportunity to visit Smith Island, as some other bloggers have noted.  The island consists of three towns, Ewell, Tylerton, and Rhodes Point.  To get on the mainland, it takes a forty-five minute ferry ride, which costs about twenty dollars round-trip.  This is why most inhabitants of the island, go to mainland as little as possible, making the most out of it when they do.  One thing that was so shocking to me was the education system for the children.  Because of the number of students, there is only an elementary school on the island.  This means that after grade eight, students must take the long boat ride every morning and afternoon to commute to school.  The ferry ride is part of public education so it fortunately does not cost to ride.  If a student wants to take part in any extra-curricular activity after school, they must stay with someone on the mainland because the ferry leaves a certain time every afternoon and it only goes once.  

Church and religion are very important parts for the people on the island.  There is a Methodist church in each of the three towns on Smith Island.  There is, however, only one minister, who we were lucky to meet and talk with.  He makes his rounds to each church every Sunday morning to preach in each town.
Another great part of the island is its famous Smith Island Cake, which was delicious.  It's a cake made up of ten or so very thin layers filled with flavored creme and sometimes even candy pieces like peanut butter cups or candy bars.  Here's a recipe for a version of the cake via Oprah so it has to be good.  If you make it, be sure to share how it came out, or maybe even share some of the cake!
Going to Smith Island was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone.  It was interesting meeting people who live there and learning how their lives differ, and are strikingly similar to ours.  More pics to come!

P.s. - I'm very sorry about the title.  I just felt someone had to do it.  I can practically hear the eye-rolling through the computer.